Namespace: Deedle.Internal

Utility functions for identifying missing values. The isNA function can be used to test whether a value represents a missing value - this includes the null value, Nullable<T> value with HasValue = false and Single.NaN as well as Double.NaN.

The functions in this module are not intended to be called directly.

Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
containsMissingOrNA data
Signature: data:OptionalValue<'T> [] -> bool
Type parameters: 'T
containsNA data
Signature: data:'T [] -> bool
Type parameters: 'T
createMissingOrNAArray data
Signature: data:OptionalValue<'T> [] -> OptionalValue<'T> []
Type parameters: 'T
createNAArray data
Signature: data:'T [] -> OptionalValue<'T> []
Type parameters: 'T
flattenNA ()
Signature: unit -> OptionalValue<'T> -> OptionalValue<'T>
Type parameters: 'T
isNA ()
Signature: unit -> 'T -> bool
Type parameters: 'T
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